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Traveler Tip: When traveling in the region make sure to wear light colors and fabrics such as linens to reflect sunlight and keep cool. During the days the desert climate can be very warm and dry, while nights are often cool and breezy.

Egypt Israel Jordan United Arab Emirates

Eastern Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf Vacations

The eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea have seen the beginning of human history, the emergence of great religions, and the rise and fall of civilizations. Now you can see the place where Jesus walked, where the ancient kings lived and died, and where words and ideas have changed the direction of humanity.

Egypt’s Valley of the Kings has hosted the world’s most spectacular pyramids for 5 millennia, while the country around them has transformed into a modern center for entertainment, activities and culture.

Israel is a popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean for its multitude of religious and historical sites, its many luxurious resorts, the modern culture and nightlife of Tel Aviv, the healing spas of the Dead Sea and Eilat, and unique natural surroundings throughout.

Nearby Jordan offers a variety of attractions for travelers seeking something slightly different — an unspoiled land of desert beauty dotted with cities both modern and ancient.

Dubai is a modern city that rises out of the desert like an oasis of glass and steel and total luxury. This latest wonder of the world blends pure opulence and ancient Bedouin culture to create an atmosphere unlike any other on earth.

The Eastern Mediterranean region offers a wealth of sites and cities of interest unmatched anywhere in the world. Explore the past and the present on a once-in-alifetime journey to this mystical place.

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