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Guadeloupe and its islands are veritable treasures of nature. Its topography is very diverse. It is mountainous with tropical rain forests and an active massive volcano. There are wild rivers, waterfalls and cascades, coastal plains, cliffs of dizzying heights, peaceful savannas, mysterious mangroves teeming with life, and of course the ocean with multicolored lagoons and sea bottoms and wonderful stretches of warm sand lined with coconut trees. The annual average temperature is 78°F.

1 Canella Beach Resort

Fun Fact: When looking for a bite to eat in Guadeloupe remember that all eating establishments include tax and gratuity in their prices. When shopping for luxury items, be aware that many stores offer 20 percent discounts when you pay with a travelers check or, in some cases, a major credit card.

Map of Hotels and Resorts in Guadeloupe Canella Beach Resort

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